Take no chances on the online presentation of your property…..

You spruced it up, de-cluttered every nook, cranny, and visible surface in each room hired the most reputable realtor available, and have otherwise organized your entire existence around the selling of your home.

Now, couple that effort with a touch of market savvy (a fanciful way of saying “knowing how to price for your location”), good timing, and a whole lotta luck to start your turn at the world’s most agonizing waiting game!

This is where your Real Estate Photographer comes into the picture (pun intended). So just what exactly differentiates a photographer in this field from a wedding or studio photographer?
Unlike a studio or event photographer, the real estate photographer has considerably specific and in some ways pretty inflexible parameters that have to be met and everything must be
accomplished with two objectives in mind: producing a commercially competitive product, and creating an immersive environment in an ultimately two-dimensional space.

The nuances and variables that come into play are a bit more than we’re going to cover in this article but rest assured, we’ll get into quite a bit of that in the coming articles.

So just what will this specialized photographer bring to the table that can’t be accomplished with your smartphone? Well, nothing actually. That’s right, nothing. The question here isn’t whether or not you already possess the EQUIPMENT necessary to produce adequate or even excellent images yourself, the question here is do you possess the skill set that will help you accomplish one of the largest and most consequential financial transactions of your life?
To put it another way, ask yourself: “would I be the right photographer to help sell someone else’s home or commercial property?” If you aren’t fully certain that you yourself would be the right person responsible for staging and shooting someone else’s home or commercial property worth millions then it’s time to do what the pros do: Hire a professional!

A great real estate photographer brings the ability to compose behind the lens and use positive and negative space, line, form, light, and shadow to create a visual environment that does much more than simply place viewers squarely in the sweet spots of each room, but rather gets them to “explore” each space and have a meaningful experience viewing their potential purchase. Over 80% of home buyers make their purchase after online viewing and that doesn’t figure to change…like, ever!

The online presentation of your property is possibly the most critical step in the selling process. Take no chances, let Real Estate VisuAll help put your very best forward. Contact us today.

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