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Can you believe Jenny’s luck? The tale of 2 agents….

Jenny, a seasoned real estate agent, had a newly signed contract for a house to go for sale at the beginning of the year and would need photos of the property soon. Unfortunate, the worst snowstorm in years was coming and it had completely taken everyone by surprise. After a week the snow still hadn’t melted and the client wanted photos and to be listed today! But there was more than a foot of snow on the ground. How can we show the bushes, yard, and driveway with so much snow on the ground?

Jenny was devastated. Not only would potential buyers be unable to see how beautiful her listing was with all this snow around, but now she’d have to wait weeks before they could take somewhat decent photos once the snow melted. She couldn’t believe her luck!

But another agent, Rick, took advantage of Real Estate VisuAll’s offer of the usual $75 exterior 4 premium photo opportunity BEFORE the snow hit on his new listing. Our amazing photographers captured the property flawlessly the next week with both fresh exteriors and interiors so the agent could choose what photos to use and even swap them out in case he wanted to change things up! He added a reel we created for him too for only $50 to make his listing really stand out on social media.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order TODAY and we will be there TOMORROW before the snow hits to get your property photographed beautifully.

Disclaimer: This is just a made up story and the results are not typical. But this agent, whose property we photographed, DID take advantage of our offer and is going on the market successfully.

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