Partner with us

Our partnership benefits are the best in this business.  The options include but are not limited to:

  • a dedicated website for each agent’s property
  • ultra sleek fully customizable marketing materials
    • many printable flyers
    • social media friendly templates
    • branded and unbranded videos of the photos AKA Virtual Tour
  • an individual portal for each agent where all their properties are kept
  • a member or multiple members of your team can have access to all agents media for marketing purposes or other reasons
  • preferred rates and exclusive media bundles
  • an allowance subsidy – where the agent can reimburse you at closing to have the shoots completed by us.
    • broker pays via instant charge or through periodic settlements
    • you control the maximum allowance percentage, and/or a maximum amount for allowance.
  • branding headshots for the office once a year by Bobbi Rose

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