There is an art to photographing interiors, I think we can all attest to that! There’s been plenty of properties that we see on the MLS or Zillow and even VRBO that we think… “jeez, if they just had taken better photos…” (cue heavy eyeroll)

With that said, there are several things that you must do to get the best real estate photos.
Prepare the home.
Prepare the homeowners. Check out our Home Preparation Checklist by following us on instagram and send me a message there!
And if you want to shoot the property yourself, you absolutely can (more on that next week!) but for now, consider hiring a professional to do the job right and do it well. We will click our clicker and make brilliant images for you and your homeowners to showcase the property in the ultimate way. All our photographers have been trained and are ready to work for YOU!

Another great thing to consider is choosing a photographer that fits your needs and schedule best. Thankfully we have several photographers all over Northern Illinois ready to serve you.

Plus you probably want a group that can do it all. Photo, video, floor plans, drone and now offering 3d/360 tours with super approximate floor plans. You wont go wrong with Real Estate VisuAll!

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